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    Dyemasters vending the tie dyes at concerts and festivals...

Welcome to Dyemasters Tie Dyes!

Dyemasters creates brilliantly vibrant and beautifully detailed Tie-Dye art and makes it available in hundreds of designs of  Tie-Dye T-Shirts, Ladies Cut T-Shirts & Tank Tops, and Long Sleeve Shirts. We also offer dozens of tie dye styles in Hoodies and Crew Neck Sweatshirt products. Check out our Tie Dye Tapestry gallery and get one for your wall or bed! You want tie dyes? We got them!

Dyemasters accepts Credit Card orders by phone. Call  877-642-3393

Dyemasters tie-dyes are 100% handmade-to-order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for your tie dye order to arrive. Thanks!

dyemasters tie-dye shirt Short Sleeve Tie Dyes

dyemasters longsleeve tie-dye Long Sleeve Tie Dyes

dyemasters hooded sweatshirt tie dye Sweatshirts & Hoodies

dyemasters tie dye guaranteeEvery one of our tie dyes is 100% hand tie-dyed by Dyemasters and made-to-order.    No Fade, No Bleed, Pre-Washed 2 Times, Dryer Shrunk, Heavyweight, 100% Cotton, 100% Awesome!           

Click here to check out a selection of some of our newest tie dye designs!

 If you are not happy with ANY of our tie dyes, you can return them
and I will remake them till you are Satisfied.                                                   
If you, or a customer, ever has a shirt that shrinks or fades out of ordinary, we will replace it FREE! FOR AS LONG AS THEY OWN IT… Really, it will fall apart from age before it ever fades.

Be sure to follow us on Social Media to get the scoop on new designs, special offers, new “Instant” Gratification items, coupons, etc.

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11 thoughts on “Dyemasters Tie Dyes”

  1. My order just arrived. The shirts are amazing like always! My husband asks when I plan on giving up wearing so much tie dye, my response is “NEVER”!
    Thank you!!

  2. my cousin puts out THE best artwork ever.. i have had some shirts for close to 8-9yrs.. always comes up with the most insane concepts.
    high quality shirts and materials.. none of that washed-out or “printed ” knock off stuff….”i constantly get compliments on my shirts from him” ….thanks Mike!

  3. wondering if you had a chance to put my order together or not? just wondering??? I hope your dad is doing ok. If you could call me or send me an e-mail letting me know what the status of my order is i would greatly appreciate it. thanks so much. Also i sent my check for the order and want to make sure you recieved it. Thanks bunches

    1. I received my Order shortly after my first message and I have never been happier. This dude is amazing. Love love love your work!!!!!!!! That was over 4 years ago and seriously all my stuff looks brand new and I wear it all the time!!!!!!!!! Great work

  4. Hi Mike. Hope this finds you well.
    I was in College Station, TX this past weekend at the mall and had two different men stop me to ask where did I get my awesome tye-dye shirt (I was wearing one of my older ones , which look like new!) and I gave them your name & website. I also had a couple of ladies flag me down to say my shirt was the best tye-dye job they’d ever seen!
    I’m a freaking walking billboard for you, dude!!
    PS give me an update on my last order & me know what you’d like me to do with these last three t’s. Thanks, Tandy

  5. ATTENTION PEOPLE OF EARTH!!! If you are looking for the best tie dyes on the planet LOOK NO FURTHER! you have found them! Mike is the DYEMASTER!! I have ordered my shirts from him for the past few years and they are AMAZING! I haven’t seen shirts of this quality anywhere except the dead show parking lots. No store or head shop has anything close to the shirts from Dyemasters(Unless they get them from here). Thanks again Mike!

  6. Mike, thank you for the fantastic shirts! I will be ordering more shortly. Amazing product! Everyone I work with is envious.

  7. I just got my first shirt …. I’m over the moon …. Great shirt and great quality …. I’ll be ordering more and thank you so much

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