New Tie Dye Designs

short sleeve tie dye t-shirt  short sleeve tie-dye shirt  Gray matter two color swirl tie dye shirtBrand New Dyemasters Shirt Designs!

Here are new tie- dye shirt designs that Dyemasters has never offered before! Click on an image for size & price info and full-size image. 

Dyemasters Tie-Dye is 100% handmade-to-order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for your tie dye order to arrive. Thanks!

Keep checking back here….New Designs all the time!

short sleeve tie dye shirt tie-dye t-shirt short sleeve tie dye t-shirt

short sleeve tie dye shirt short sleeve tie dye shirt short sleeve tie-dye shirt

yellow heart vee tie dye yellow awakening heart tie dye shirt pink heart vee tie dye shirt

pink awakening heart tie dye shirt lightning tie dye shirt rainbow collusion tie dye shirt

blue raindrop vee tie dye shirt yellow fusion tie dye shirt neon fusion tie dye shirt

yellow raindrop vee tie dye shirt


5 thoughts on “New Tie Dye Designs”

  1. I am loving the art and inspiration to the designs and thoughts put into your work !!! Keep it up and have yourselves a safe journey too !!!

  2. I am part of a group hosting a charity party this summer and the theme is fireworks. I will need approx. 50 shirts of different sizes and wonder which of your designs looks most like pyrotechnics. Our basic theme color is dark purple.

  3. Hi, i am a children’s magician and storyteller. I am interested in a 5 pointed star pattern, for 4-6 shirts. it is obvious your company is at the fore front of tie dye. Do you offer this star pattern? if so can it be done on a collared shirt?

  4. Would it be possible to create a dress for my daughter..she woild like a tyedye dress for her senior portrait…will be taken outdoors at beach…love your work.

  5. Mike, You are Wendy’s favorite Dyer! She is so happy to be adding to her collection I just wanted to thank you for all you have done for us since 2009 & still going!
    Rock on my brother!
    Jeff & Wendy

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