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Dyemasters Tie Dyes

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    Dyemasters vending the tie dyes at concerts and festivals...

Welcome to Dyemasters

Dyemasters captures the brilliance and beautiful vibrant detailed art of Tie Dye and offers it in 100’s of designs T-ShirtsLadies Cut T-Shirts and Long Sleeve Shirts as well as dozens of styles in Hoodies and Crew Neck Sweatshirts products. Everything is 100% hand-dyed to order by Dyemasters.

No Fade, No Bleed, Pre-Washed 2x, Dryer-Shrunk, Heavyweight, 100% Cotton, 100% Awesome!

3 thoughts on “Dyemasters Tie Dyes”

  1. I want to order some shirts but need for them to be delivered between March 5 and the end of march. Would this be possible. I do not want them delivered the first week of March. If that is o.k. then I will order them today (Feb. 25th). It is only 4 shirts to try them out.

  2. Received my order today…..FANTASTIC! Shirts are beautiful and unique. I appreciate your work. Thanks!
    Dave P. Brookhaven, PA.

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