Long Sleeve Kids & Adult Tie-Dye Shirts

Dyemasters Tie-Dye shirts are 100% handmade-to-order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for your tie dyes to arrive. Thanks!

Click on the tie dye styles below for ordering details on the Long Sleeve Tie Dye Shirts.

Dyemasters will take custom orders for your long sleeve tie dye if you have a have a special color request. Just call Tie-Dye Mike and let him know at 1-800-Nice-Dye.

tie dye, tie-dye, tie dyes, tie-dyed Yellow Swirl, tie dyes tie dye shirt Vertical Marble Rainbow

Rusty Zipper Rusty ZigZag Rusty Marble Vee

Rusty Blue Faces Red Marble red and black tracks

Rainbow Tire Tracks Rainbow Marble Vee Rainbow Checkers

Rainbow Burst Purple zipper  Purple Green Marble

Purple Checkers Purple Burst Pink Zipper

Pink Vee pink marble vee  Pink Marble Swirl

Pink Marble Orange Zipper  Orange ZigZag

orange tire track Marble Vee lime blue marble

Light Rainbow Marble Faces Light Green Zipper  light blue tracks

Green ZigZag  Green Vee Green Tire Tracks

Green Rusty Marble  Green Marble Swirltie dye, tie-dye, tie dyed, tie-dyed, shirt, women, ladies

Green Marble green checkerd board  Green Burst


  Dark Marble Rainbow Dark Rainbow Marble Faces Dark Orange ZigZag

 Dark Marble Swirl  Dark Marble Rainbow dark marble green zipper

 dark green tracks  BURGUNDY GREEN MARBLE VEE  tie dye, tie-dye, tie dyed, tie-dyed

Burgandy Shoulder Swirl  burgandy pink marble  Blue Vee

Blue Tire Tracks  tie dye, tie-dye Blue Shoulder Green Marble

Blue Marble Vee  Blue Marble  Blue Green Tire Tracks

Blue Green Swirl  Black Swirl Black Marble Rainbow

Black Marble Faces  Black Heart  tie dye, tie-dye, tie dyed, tie-dyed, shirt, women, ladies

 tie, dye, dyed, tie-dye, tie-dyed, rasta, reggae, rasftafarian, jamaican, shirt tie, dye, tie-dye, tie-dyed, tie dye shirt, longsleeve, long sleeve tie dye, tie-dye, tie dye shirt, tie-dye shirt, long sleeve, longsleeve


Buy 3 get 1 Free!

If you buy three Tie Dye T-Shirts, you will get a Fourth T-Shirt Free (of equal or lesser value). After you complete your order and get your sales confirmation email, use the contact us form indicate which Tie DyeT-Shirt you want sent FREE with your order. Call or e-mail Dyemasters with any questions.

If you prefer to order by phone,  Call TOLL FREE 877-NICE-DYE (877-642-3393) between the hours of 9am and 9pm PST (Arizona time).

All of Dyemasters Tie Dye shirts are 100% handmade-to-order, so please allow 4-6 weeks for your tie dye order to arrive.  Feel free to call or e-mail with any questions about our tie dye shirts or about an order. Thanks!

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    1. We can definitely do post to Australia!
      We would need to determine postage based on your order.
      Feel free to email what you would like to order (number and types of items) to thedyemaster@yahoo.com and Mike can figure out what the approximate cost would be and see if you still would like to order those items from Dyemasters!
      Thanks for the contact and the compliment!

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