Dyemasters Wholesale/Bulk Tie-Dye and Educational Discounts

wholesale tie dyes bulkWholesale, educational groups, clubs, and other bulk orders are available for Dyemasters tie-dye shirts. These are perfect for school groups, field trips, family reunions, events, and more…

Retailers have discovered the Dyemasters difference!                        Every Dyemasters tie-dye shirt, clothing, and art is hand-made to order, and beautiful, eye-catching, and unique designs. We make sure every shirt is of the most excellent quality, one we’d be proud to wear ourselves!

You will not find better quality for a better price anywhere.  Many of our wholesale clients have bought Dyemasters tie-dye shirts for many years. Dyemasters is your only answer for bulk shirt order!

bulk wholesale tie dye shirts dyemastersBrew pubs and many other businesses are also finding that Dyemasters bright and colorful tie dye shirts are an easy and effective way to provide their customers with cool merchandise, easily double their investment, and advertise their brand at the same. Your customers will be paying you to advertise for you ~ Groovy!

We can work with pre-screen printed shirts, or we can tie-dye the shirts, and then you can screen print them after dye. Please Contact me directly for custom quote to best suit your needs.

Bulk and Wholesale Orders

Orders of 20 items or more are considered bulk or wholesale orders. S&H needs to be quoted along with the order. Please call or send an e-mail to obtain a quote.

Special Quick Pick Offers- 

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Wholesale Fast Orders of 40 or 100 shirts in mixed patterns. All shirts are handmade and hand picked by DYEMASTER Mike and they are all guaranteed.

Quick Pick Wholesale Orders include Shipping and are 100% Guaranteed!

Click on the Special Offer of your choice to ADD to your CART!

If you are not happy with ANY of the shirts, you can return them
and I will remake them till you are Satisfied.

If you are looking for some other specialized bundle of products, sizes, types, call Dyemaster Mike directly:

tie dye dyemasters toll free number

Order Processing and Shipping

All items produced by Dyemasters are hand made and created after an order has been made. Typically it takes 2-3 weeks for orders to be created and shipped.

Dyemasters products are No Fade, No Bleed, Pre-Washed 2x, Dryer-Shrunk, Heavyweight, Top-Quality 100% Cotton.

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5 thoughts on “Bulk/Wholesale”

  1. Hi! i’m on a girls lacrosse team for my highschool and we would possibly like 23 shirts with our highschool logo on it and names with numbers on the back. How much would this cost? Please feel free to email me i’m very interested!!

  2. Just trying to find out if you got my e-mail last week? Womens dresses? After looking at the website the email you gave me is the same one on the site. You said you were having problems with it, I thought you gave me a different one.
    Anyway my next question is should I have picked one of your designs from the site for my pieces?
    Thanks hope you have time to let me know about this.
    Bea Pludow

  3. Hello……I would like to know how much 20 of your marble
    t-shirts shirts would be? Do you have bulk pricing for this? If I order more is there a discount? I would like to pick my own shirts.

    Thank you very much. Your shirts are great!

  4. Hi,

    Mike hope you are doing good. Ive been in contact a few years ago but never ordered. Ive saved some money 😉 and are ready to do it!

    I would like a 40- piece bulkorder but wondering if you also do a quik pick with adult T-shirts, longsleeves and hoodies because this is what I would want. I print myself and have a small bizniz selling printing and selling Tshirts.

    Let me know if its possible if not ill make decision what garment to order.

    Many thanks and peace from Amsterdam! Farida

    1. I am very very sorry that this message to me was overlooked. I hope I can still help you with this order. Please let me know if you are still interested and I will work with you anyway I can. I hope to hear from you again really soon. Try to email me with this email address: thedyemaster@yahoo.com . Once I hear from you Iw ill do whatever you would like to make your order work for you . Thank you ,
      Mike Barker
      http://www.dyemasters.net call toll free : 1-877-642-3393

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